Will Bullas…’Live and in Person’

Beauty Is InThe Eye Of the Beer Holder
  • Join Will Bullas at Gallery 601, Sept. 6th from 6-8 for your own personal evening of side splitting fun. (Sorry This Event Is Full)
  • Join Will Bullas for First Thursday, at Gallery 601 Sept. 7th from 6-8:30, enjoy new works of art, metal prints and t-shirt from the master of one-liners. Purchase any item before or during the show and have Will personalize it for you. Enjoy the tastes of Cold Springs Winery and master wine maker Neil Glancey, taste, sip and buy. Buy any bottle of wine and Neil will also personalize it for you.
  • Haven’t seen enough of Will and your sides still aren’t hurting from all that laughing, stop by his boothspace 65-66 at this year’s ‘Art in the Park’ Sept.8-10.

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