Hungry Fox Equinox


Fine Art Giclèe Canvas:
limited to 45 s/n.
30″w x 18″h
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Several years ago, Tom Gilleon began collaborating with Marshall Monroe, a fellow veteran of Disney’s Imagineering studio, on a new kind of digital artwork, a multiplatform and transmedia storytelling piece, called “Hungry Fox Equinox.” The ensuing digital installation is comprised of 24 Gilleon paintings of a tipi in nature which fade in and out and over each other to create a very slow animation that tells the story of a single day in just a few minutes. Around and inside the tipi, the light changes, snow falls, smoke rises, a flute is heard in the distance. The tipi is the only thing that remains more or less stationery in the digital painting.

The installation premiered at the C.M. Russell Museum in 2014 and was sold at their Silent Auction and Art Preview for $250,000 to an anonymous buyer who donated it to the museum’s permanent collection.

“Native Americans didn’t stand outside of the natural world looking in. They were part of it,” says Gilleon, who was raised by his grandmother, a full blooded Cherokee and his Scottish immigrant grandfather. “My work is largely an attempt to bridge the gap between their way of seeing things and ours.”

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