Morning on Honey Creek


Image size: 30″w x 15″h.
Limited Edition of: 75

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It’s no mystery to Bonnie Marris as to why a red fox is always smiling. “They live in a world of enchantment,” she says. A radiant animal with a mind to match, he is keenly aware of every sight, sound and smell native or foreign to his magical forest realm. His reputations as a sly hunter or a cunning trickster are simply additional layers of his complex personality.

The morning sun dancing off the creek and bathing the fox in a warm glow are distinctively a style and palette all her own, making a Marris painting identifiable from across the room. Art of the West, in recognizing her singular blend of realistic and impressionistic technique observed, “. . . she wants the best of both worlds and seems to be finding it.”

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