First Impressions


Image size: 20″w x 20″h.
Limited Edition of: 45

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The warmth and purity of the mother-child bond is perhaps the most perfect in nature. A newborn foal is programmed for soaking up a huge amount of information and in those first gentle moments of life, recognition between mother and newborn sets in. The mare’s nuzzling and licking stimulates the foal to stand and take nourishment. In less than an hour, the foal has risen, albeit gangly and unsteady, on legs that seem two sizes too big.

With “First Impressions” Bonnie Marris has captured both the tenderness and power of the maternal bond. From the mare’s protective stance to her use of color and shadow, this Fine Art Limited Edition Canvas conveys a cocoon-like atmosphere of warmth and safety. The infectious passion that Bonnie has for the wilderness, animals and light and color has all come together in this exquisite work of equine art.

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