America’s Team.. Just the Beginning


Image size: 36 1/4″w x 15 3/4″h.

Over forty years after Neil Armstrong took one small step for a man and one giant leap for all mankind, The Greenwich Workshop is proud to present “America’s Team . . . Just the Beginning.” This handsome fine art poster, which is astronaut and artist Alan Bean’s follow-up to “America’s Team –We’re #1,” is his commemoration of an important, historic anniversary.

The Space Center Houston asked Alan if they could create a mural from “America’s Team – We’re #1.” But the accomplished fine artist, who was also the fourth person to walk on the moon, knew that his portrait of Neil Armstrong was the wrong shape to make the transfer to the wall correctly. A new painting was called for, combining the best qualities of the original painting with Bean’s new approach.

“America’s Team . . . Just the Beginning” was that painting. “Since the faces of the astronauts are not visible because of their spacesuits’ reflective visors, the only way to show emotion is by having Neil hold up his index fingers in the universal sign of champions,” says Bean. “Believe me, I know how he felt.”

Now Alan Bean, artist and former astronaut, celebrates this human triumph in a commemorative poster that can be treasured for years to come.

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