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About Jorge Mayol

Jorge Mayol grew up on a cattle ranch outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a child he took to sketching flowers, trees and horses though his only art instruction was from his father who was an accomplished draftsman.

Mayol later worked with Axel Amuchastegui, an Argentinean bird painter. Amuchastegui introduced the young painter to his gallery in London who took him on as a gallery artist. Jorge Mayol painted birds, small animals and African images for the British clientele.

Mayol’s work was sold in the United States beginning in the mid 1980s and by 1990 Mayol decided to move to the U.S. to research animals such as bears and wolves which are more familiar to the U.S. market.

Jorge Mayol has added contemporary artwork to his repertoire. He describes his new work as combining nature with imagination to create entirely conceptual images.

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